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Cotterill Ranch, LLC and Gary Cotterill were featured in the Gelvieh World magazine

Keeping It All in Balance: Kansas ranch counts on Balancer bulls to optimize production

Striking a balance between what the market wants and the production traits essential to keeping a cow-calf operation in the black—that’s the 800-lb. gorilla in the room for American beef producers.

For Kansas rancher Gary Cotterill, a big part of the solution is Balancer bulls and a genetic strategy which captures the virtues of both Gelbvieh and Angus cattle.

“Buyers want to know what they’re getting and they seem to like the program we’re using,” the Cherryvale, Kan., producer says. “Our Gelbvieh-based cowherd gives us reproductive efficiency and excellent calf growth while the Balancer bulls complement those traits with the end-product characteristics needed in the feedlot and the packing house. And, since both breeds offer strong maternal traits, we can also retain quality females to go back into the cow herd.”


Campbell’s Soup barn restoration

“Help Grow Your Soup?”Campaign

A Family Legacy

As Told By Gary Cotterill, Farm Owner

“We’re the third generation of Cotterills on this ranch, and we’re still going strong. Right now we have 260 cows, 260 yearlings, 16 ewes, rams and horses on 1480 continuous acres. We also grow bluestem, fescues and Bermuda grasses.

I’m an FFA alumnus and am currently president of the Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership program. And I’m proud to say that my sons Paul and Rex both went through the FFA program at Cherryvale. Rex trains horses and helps on the farm while, and Paul is the local veterinarian in Cherryvale.

My longterm goals are to pass this farm on to the next generation in better shape than when we bought it.”

FFA chapters involved in the Cotterill barn preservation are: Cherryvale, Cherryvale Alumni, Fredonia, Fredonia Alumni

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